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When Chiropractic Doesn’t Work But Yoga Does

Yoga is a highly regarded treatment for pain for numerous reasons. The body not only becomes stronger and more relaxed but so does the mind. A woman is featured who realized she got more pain relief from yoga than from years of chiropractic.

All About Yoga as a Way to Reduce Pain

Yoga can help to relieve pain in people suffering from different painful chronic conditions, including arthritis and fibromyalgia. That’s because yoga is known to strengthen the body and relax the mind, among other benefits.


A Pain-Relieving Ginger Compress

We talk about ginger a lot on this blog because it offers so many valuable health properties. But here’s one we haven’t discussed yet. According to this post, fresh chopped ginger can be used as a topical wrap to reduce back and wrist pain. This may work because the heat from ginger can relax muscles […]

Dr. Mercola Discusses Music to Relieve Pain

Dr. Mercola discusses findings from recent research that music has pain relief benefits that can be the equivalent to medication. And that’s just the main benefit. It’s also inexpensive, safe, has no side effects, and results in overall relaxation. There’s also been some evidence that biological changes happen in the body when there’s music like […]

Senior Cancer Patients Take Supplements But Don’t Tell Docs

According to a recent study of older cancer patients, about a quarter are reportedly on  alternative or complementary therapies like vitamins and supplements. While this behavior isn’t necessarily bad, many are not telling their oncologists which can have downsides. St. John’s Wort, for example, can reduce the effectiveness of some cancer treatments. Read the full […]

How Cinnamon Helps to Reduce Arthritis Pain

Cinnamon has been touted as a great way to lower blood pressure while managing blood sugar levels, but, according to this article, it can also help to reduce pain related to arthritis. It achieves this effect by reducing inflammation around the joints which helps to prevent tissue damage, and by slowing bone loss from these […]

The Benefits of Garlic Milk

According to this article, garlic milk is not only effective at treating worms and eventually sweating legs, but it can also help to relieve symptoms related to the back condition sciatica. The remedy is exactly what it sounds like—freshly crushed garlic is mixed in with raw milk and drunk. Or apparently, the garlic can be […]