Copper May Stop Infections In Hospitals

We long have known that copper is healthful and for many people may reduce pain and inflammation for example by wearing a copper bracelet. Copper is also a needed element to sustain human life. Now new studies are proving that using copper in hospital rooms may prevent infections. This is an important new understanding that can have wonderful results. Thousands of years ago ancient Indians knew copper could prevent illness. By putting water in copper pots, they found the copper would prevent illness because the copper would kill bacteria. Now because of these new present day findings, you may be finding copper used more and more in hospitals and hospital rooms. A recent article on CNN explains this.

Copper has a natural antimicrobial property and when bacteria comes into contact with it, it prevents its growth and kills the bacteria. This may prevent so many unintended infections such as Staphylococcus aureus and possibly many others. This may help to prevent long illnesses and deaths in many people which would be a wonderful development. I have also been so happy to know how copper makes my body feel, and the thought of copper saving lives is such a wonderful development. More studies are needed to maximize the wonderful properties of copper and how it can help people to live better lives. Stay tuned!

What Is Magnet Jewelry And Where Should It Be Worn?

Magnet Jewelry is jewelry that holds magnetic therapy magnets. A more common name may be magnetic jewelry, but they are really the same. magnet jewelry can be anything from a magnetic bracelet to a magnetic anklet, necklace or ring.

What Is Magnet Jewelry And Where Should It Be Worn?Why would someone wear a magnet bracelet rather than a magnetic anklet, or necklace or ring? It may just be a matter of personal preference. But it can also have to do with where there is a problem area on the body. It is true that wearing a magnet bracelet may sometimes have a positive effect on parts of the body that are far from the wrist, such as the neck, back, hips, and knees.

But it can sometimes be helpful to wear your magnet jewelry closer to a problem area. For example, wearing a magnetic anklet may sometimes show greater results for problems in your feet, ankles, or legs, more so than wearing a magnet bracelet. The only way you will really know what may be best is by trying magnet jewelry in different places to see what may provide you with the happiest results. Keep an open mind and see what you may learn. There is the added benefit that magnet jewelry can also be fashionable and add to your happiness just by wearing a stylish piece of jewelry.

Can You Fix A Broken Magnetic Bracelet?

Oh no! Your favorite magnetic bracelet is broken. That can be so upsetting. The main reason is, of course, that the beauty of a magnet bracelet goes way beyond its good looking surface. Your bracelet is a tool for potential pain relief, and you know how important that is. Your bracelet needs to be fixed or replaced so that you can once again enjoy the benefits. The question is what, exactly, is the problem. The answer will help you to find the best way to repair it.

It depends on what kind of bracelet you have and the problem to determine if it can be easily fixed. If it is a stainless steel link style magnetic bracelet, and if the bracelet’s clasp no longer stays closed, the end clasp can possibly be replaced. A broken link in your magnetic bracelet can be repaired and most likely will require the services of a jeweler or watch repair professional.

Can you fix a broken magnetic bracelet?If you have a broken hematite magnetic bracelet, that is something that requires more than a simple fix. To repair hematite magnetic jewelry it really would have to be completely remade. In addition if any parts have rust, they would have to be replaced. So in most instances, it is best to replace. In order to get hematite jewelry to last as long as possible, please do keep as dry as possible. With so many lovely inexpensive magnetic bracelets on the market, why not just buy a new one? You will certainly replace far less often than if you had a prescription to refill.

If you have a broken copper magnetic bracelet, it would most likely need to be replaced. The good news is that copper magnetic bracelets are durable and if you have the correct size, and do not over bend when putting on and off, they should last. Also be sure to not bend where the magnets are, which can force the magnet to come out.

Does Magnetic Jewelry Work?

Do you check out the Internet much? If so, you may be familiar with all the discussion and debate over magnetic therapy and its effectiveness. So, to repeat a familiar question: does magnetic jewelry work? The answer isn’t so simple. There has been somewhat limited scientific research into the subject, and nothing has been proven one way or another. Some studies suggest benefit, while others are inconclusive for a variety of reasons. But it is true that a lot of people who have tried magnet jewelry report great results. Some scientists tend to dismiss this as “anecdotal evidence.” While others say magnetic therapy can be helpful.

Does Magnetic Jewelry Work?But healing and relief are the ultimate goal of any sufferer of chronic pain, whether they faithfully take prescription pain killers or experiment with more esoteric means of healing. It is true that not everyone responds the same way to magnetic therapy. Some people notice a tremendous difference while others not so. Trying magnet jewelry is likely to be the only way to know if you are amongst those who notice benefit. Magnetic Jewelry is also easy to try and relatively inexpensive if you shop in the right places.

For most people, there are no side effects to this all natural, non invasive form of therapy. Check with your physician before you start, in order to get the green light, then choose a style that suits you. Try wearing it for say, two weeks. Notice how you feel and if you notice any difference. You may also consider trying on different sides of the body. For example, if it is a magnetic bracelet, if you do not notice a difference on the left wrist after some time has passed, try it on the right wrist for a time. Some have even noticed a difference after wearing a time, and then removing for a time, and trying again. For some people, difference may be noticed in hours, for others it may take days or weeks, while still others do not notice a difference wearing magnetic jewelry. It could be that you will have your own success story to add to the “anecdotal evidence.” Please note that magnetic jewelry is not to be used by pregnant women or folks with electronic implanted medical devices such as defibrillators.

The Magic Of Copper Magnetic Bracelets

Is there any other metal quite like copper? It pleases our eyes with its lovely warm glow. Its strength makes it ideal for so so many uses. Our bodies crave copper as a dietary component to function at optimal good health. To top it all off, copper is reputed to have powerful healing qualities. Set with magnets, it is used to make copper magnetic bracelets, which may offer relief for a whole host of painful and distressing conditions. These bracelets combine therapeutic potential with handsome good looks, so you will feel proud to wear them.

The Magic Of Copper Magnetic BraceletsTake a few minutes to browse online. You will notice that the most common style of copper magnetic bracelets is a bangle or an open cuff. The magnets are placed on the inside so that they come into close contact with your skin. To let the copper and magnets work their “magic,” they should rest against the skin. It is true that for many people the copper may discolor the skin as it does itself. This is a natural reaction that many believe shows the copper is being absorbed and helping. It can easily be washed off.

Because magnet therapy is a field of healing that has not yet been thoroughly documented, use your own personal experience as a guide and that of your health care provider. Try wearing your copper magnetic bracelet a period of time and see if you notice a difference. Many wearers report that they feel a marked decline in their physical and mental condition when they take their copper magnet jewelry off, often followed by a rapid upsurge in vitality and range of movement when it is replaced. Try for yourself, and see how you may experience the magic of magnet studded copper bracelets.

Ordering Magnetic Bracelets For Men

Many men are enjoying the benefits of wearing magnets in the form of jewelry these days and there are a number of styles designed that are especially popular for with male population. If you are shopping for magnetic bracelets for men, you’ll want to look for three elements.

Magnetic Bracelets for MenFirst, check the quality of the magnets. The strength in gauss should be clearly indicated. Ideally you want to have a rating of 1700 gauss or more for neodymium rare earth magnets that are inset in magnetic bracelets for men. If you are choosing magnetic hematite, choose styles that are made with high power magnetic hematite. Buy from a reliable trustworthy company to make sure you are getting the genuine article.

Second, measure the wrist carefully, on the side that you want to wear the bracelet on, to find out your size. Use a soft flexible tailor’s measuring tape to wrap around your wrist at the point where you will be wearing the bracelet. Optionally you can use a piece of string, which you will then measure with a straight ruler. Find your exact wrist measurement in inches and fractions of an inch. Then order based on that size without adding extra.

Finally, find the style that best suits you or your friend or loved one. Choose from the large selection available of magnetic bracelets for men, which have a masculine, rugged look to them, with bold, simple lines. Made of metals such as solid stainless steel or copper, or hematite beads, with minimal embellishment, there is nothing frilly or feminine about them. Check that your chosen style is available in your size. There may be a surcharge for larger sizes, and if applicable, details will clearly show in the size options when ordering magnetic bracelets for men.

Famous People and Magnetic Bracelets

Magnets have been used for centuries for their reputed therapeutic qualities. Cleopatra, queen of ancient Egypt, has been documented as the first famous person to use magnet therapy – apparently she slept on a lodestone which is a naturally magnetized piece of the mineral magnetite, in an attempt to maintain the youthful appearance of her skin.  Another powerful woman, Queen Elizabeth I of 16th century England, was also reportedly a magnet fan. In more modern times, magnetic bracelets are a comfortable and convenient way of wearing magnets next to the skin. They are popular among celebrities in fields ranging from politics to sports.

The Greek The Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato wrote centuries ago about the benefits of magnets, but serious medical research into magnetic therapy began only in the late 20th century. Around this same time, a number of famous people began exploring the use of magnetic bracelets in healing problems such as injuries, strains and chronic pain. With more than 50 countries currently recognizing magnetic products as prescribable, magnets are gaining recognition and respectability.philosophers Aristotle and Plato wrote centuries ago about the benefits of magnets, but serious medical research into magnetic therapy began only in the late 20th century. Around this same time, a number of famous people began exploring the use of magnetic bracelets in healing problems such as injuries, strains and chronic pain. With more than 50 countries currently recognizing magnetic products as prescribable, magnets are gaining recognition and respectability.

Some well known public figures in recent years who have experimented with magnet therapy include famous athletes such as pro golfer Jack Nicklaus and tennis phenomenon Venus Williams, actors Shirley MacLaine and Anthony Hopkins, former US president Bill Clinton and Prince William of Britain. It is becoming a common sight to see celebrities using magnet bracelets to “accessorize” their designer outfits. And why not? Famous people in many professions, especially sports and movie stars, use their bodies as a tool. It is essential to keep that tool in the finest condition.

Cleaning Your Copper Magnetic Bracelet

When you own a fine piece of magnetic jewelry, you may want to maintain its new appearance. Your copper magnetic bracelet may be no exception. But it is true that copper bracelets do naturally develop a patina and for some people the copper may leave natural skin marks. Many people believe that skin marks from copper show the body is absorbing the copper and thus providing benefit. One can look at the copper Statue of Liberty to see this natural patina in action. For those that find benefit in wearing copper, many are so glad that the minor detail of patina or natural skin marks is no worry. Some people choose to use a copper cleaner and many others just let copper age naturally. For people that do not wish to have their magnetic jewelry change colors, stainless steel magnetic jewelry may be the preferred type to wear.

Copper Magnetic BraceletOver time you will find that your copper bracelet’s color gradually changes from the original shiny orange and develops a deeper brownish or green or blue/black color. You can clean this off your copper magnetic bracelet with a commercial metal polish, preferably one made specifically for copper. Apply the polish following the directions provided, then remove and buff the bracelet with a soft rag. For your convenience, you may find a spray on copper cleaner easiest to use. Should you plan to work with caustic substances such as strong household cleansers, it is a good idea to remove the copper magnetic bracelet temporarily to avoid exposing the metal to harsh chemicals.

On the Internet there are a lot of suggestions for homemade copper cleaners, some sensible sounding, some of them wild and wacky. Most use food items such as olive oil (it is recommended to soak your copper item for a year!), lemon juice mixed with salt and even ketchup. Be very careful if you plan to experiment with these homespun solutions on your copper magnetic bracelet – first test a small amount in an inconspicuous spot and avoid anything abrasive. Many people prefer to just let the copper age and develop a natural patina, which does not affect the metal’s properties.

What is an Arthritis Bracelet?

Many people ask “what is an arthritis bracelet?”. For different people, the answer may be different. Arthritis bracelets are often considered a type of bracelet that people may wear that helps them to feel better from arthritis. There are different types of bracelets that people may wear for arthritis. For some people wearing a magnetic bracelet is what they are referring to. But what kind of bracelet is that? There are a variety of different kinds of magnetic bracelets that are worn for arthritis.

Arthritis BraceletFor some people a stainless steel magnetic bracelet is the choice. But is is not only stainless steel magnetic bracelets that people wear for arthritis. For some people, the choice is a copper magnetic bracelet for their arthritis bracelets. With a copper magnetic bracelet, you have magnets and also the copper itself that may have an impact. Other people choose a hematite magnetic bracelet for their arthritis bracelet. So there are a variety of styles that can be considered an arthritis bracelet. They are really just different ways of trying to accomplish the same thing.

For some people wearing the types of magnetic bracelets described above may make a difference. But it is also true that the arthritis bracelets may not make a noticeable difference. Each person may respond differently and while some people notice a difference, others do not. At Magnet Jewelry Store, please note that we make no health claims whatsoever. Only by trying will one know if the so called arthritis bracelets may make a difference.

Safely Buy Magnetic Jewelry From Magnet Jewelry Stores Online

Shopping online is a great way to look for magnetic jewelry. You can check out the magnetic bracelets, magnetic anklets, or magnetic necklaces you want without having to fight traffic or even leave the comfort of your own office or home. You’ll have the chance to comparison shop magnet jewelry stores at your leisure for the best quality and price. With a few precautions and a little common sense, you will be in the best position to purchase safely online.

Safely Buy Magnetic Jewelry From Magnet Jewelry Stores OnlineA tip to help you choose a reliable online merchant is to judge the book by its cover. In other words, take a close look at the website itself. A Magnet Jewelry Store that has invested in a nice looking site, with clear photos and descriptions of the magnetic bracelets, magnetic rings and magnetic anklets, plus resources to help educate you about magnet therapy, is likely to take pride in their product and back it up with customer service. Of course it is also a good idea to check to see if they are registered with an organization like the Better Business Bureau and to read online reviews from actual buyers.

Another area of concern is payment. Choose a magnet jewelry store that accepts a reputable method of safe remote payment. All financial details and transactions must be safeguarded with high standard 128 bit encryption, which they are at Make sure you are clear from the get-go about any shipping costs, or better yet, choose a store that offers free shipping such as Find out what the store’s return policy is – ideally you are looking for a money back guarantee.