A Chronic Pain Expert’s Advice to Sufferers

This article from the University of Utah provides some interesting statistics about pain in America, including the fact that it’s chronic for about 10 percent of the population. As one expert who specializes in the field recommends, it’s important to treat the pain with a multi-pronged approach that encompasses the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of a patient’s life. Read the full article here: We Are a Nation in Pain: 4 Ideas for Good “Pain Health”

Acupuncturist Uses Multiple Techniques to Relieve Pain

A Kansas acupuncturist has been offering his patients supplemental therapies to help relieve their pain. He explains his core practice in a 2012 interview by saying, “Acupuncture works along with Chinese herbology by reharmonizing imbalances in the body or tonifying weaknesses caused by age, poor diet or emotions.” He also incorporates other alternative treatments like magnets, moxibustion, and cold laser therapy into his practice. Read the full article here: Patient turns to acupuncture for pain relief

The Pain-Relieving Power of Ginger

This post on Dr. Axe’s website extols the numerous benefits of ginger, one of which is pain relief. He explains that, like spicy peppers, ginger contains a compound that can block pain receptors. While the inhibiting action is brief, it’s also the element that helps to reduce inflammation which many believe is the root of pain and disease. Read the full article here: Ginger Root Benefits — Powerful Pain & Digestion Relief

The Vegetable That Can Help Fight Period Pain

Hm, this is interesting and something I did not know before. According to this article, carrots are very good to eat during the menstrual cycle. They can relieve related pain since they help to reduce cramping. They are also considered relatively high in iron for a vegetable source which is important to replenish when there’s blood loss. Read the full article here: No more pain during periods — Eat carrots

Be Mindful of B12 to Fight Pain

Vitamin B12 is often talked about in terms of boosting energy, but according to this article, it’s also beneficial in relieving pain, especially related to the joints. Another advantage is that it can help to phase out the use of NSAIDs which can be harsh on the stomach after extended use. The vitamin can be taken in supplement form, or it can be found naturally in foods such as shellfish, liver, and fish. Read the full article here: 5 Ways Vitamin B12 Helps Joint Pain and Arthritis Sufferers

Alternative Medicine Defined

“Alternative medicine” is a broad term used to describe practices that are designed to benefit health but are not part of the standard medical system. These can include acupuncture, massage, supplements, and even yoga. Since they can often be used in conjunction with doctor’s traditional treatment plans, they are sometimes given the label “complementary medicine.” Read the full article here: Modern Medicine Explains the Effectiveness of Alternative Medicine