Reiki as a Form of Pain Relief and Improved Health

Reiki is an alternative therapy that isn’t as common as yoga for pain relief, but it’s still worth considering (and knowing about). Like other Asian practices, it’s based on energies in the body. If levels are low, then there’s a greater likelihood of illness. If they’re flowing well, then health tends to be good.

Reiki practitioners attempt to remove blockages by touching the patient and allowing healing energy to flow through the hands. There’s a detox that is thought to occur in the body and emotions. Sometimes negative emotions from the past can arise and result in tension. Despite the seeming negativity of this experience, these buried hurts are important to resolve in order to improve health.

While all this may sound strange or too mystical, it does combine elements of other practices that are more accepted. Acupuncture, for example, uses needles to get energy flowing again. And much has been reported about the healing power of touch.

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