Touch May Have Helped to Relieve a Doctor’s Migraines

This is a very interesting essay by a Yale doctor who was hospitalized earlier this summer with a tick-related disease. He kept developing terrible headaches which were not helped by the drugs he was prescribed to relieve them. In fact, this surprised him because the drugs had been shown to be effective, and as such, he fully expected them to work. The doctor explains that the placebo effect is real and can have a material impact on the recipient.

Something that did work to relieve his pain was his wife’s massages. Massages have been shown to be an effective form of therapy in that it may help to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. But the doctor also believes the healing had to do the fact that the touch was from a human who happens to love him.

He cites a visor device that is designed to prevent migraines. It works by producing an electromagnetic field that stimulates certain nerves to stop the pain from developing. His hypothesis is that the electromagnetic fields produced by his wife and humans in general can have a similar effect on the nervous system.

Read the full article here: Healing, and Human Touch

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