An Incredibly Detailed Map of Acupressure Points in the Hand

We’ve talked about acupressure several times. It’s the ancient Chinese practice that is similar to acupuncture except it uses pressure instead of needles to unblock congested energy flows. These blockages are thought to be the origin of diseases and pain. Well, this post offers up an incredibly detailed graphic of all the acupressure points in the hand that correspond to internal organs. It could be worth a try. Read the full article here: It’s All in The Palm of Your Hand – Press These Points for Instant Pain Relief

The Power of Group Acupuncture

Wow, this is interesting. An event billed as the “world’s largest shared acupuncture experience” was recently held in Miami and sponsored by a local medical school. Each of the 185 or so participants had needles inserted into the same areas on the wrists and ankles. They are reportedly the ones connected to “the primordial Mother energy.” Despite being in a room full of strangers, the writer, who was one of the participants and had used acupuncture before to fight pain, felt “a massive energy release.” Read the full article here: ‘World’s Largest Shared Acupuncture’ Event a Surprisingly Spiritual Experience