A Key Component of Managing Your Fibromyalgia Pain


Yoga is probably the most common treatment experts recommend for fibromyalgia pain. And, as this article notes, moving is the last thing people suffering from the muskuloskeletal disease probably want to do, but it is likely the best way to manage the condition.

In this post, ten different poses, movements, and components of yoga are described with pictures or video. They incorporate ways to relax the mind and body, like with child’s pose, relaxing breath, legs up the wall, and the calming sequence. Stretching is also a priority, as butterfly pose targets the hips, and cat and cow pose help to elongate the back and belly.

Some of these poses may seem intimidating, especially for people who have been inactive or who are in intense pain. But all it takes is to try one pose at a time and modify as needed. The relaxation breath is a great place to start because everyone can do it. Then physical movements can be added and built on as needed.

Read the full article here: 10 Ways to Reduce Fibromyalgia Pain with Yoga

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