Coloring Books: Pain Relief for the Mind…?

This may seem like an unusual post for this blog, but it’s being included for a reason. The article is all about the very popular trend of adult coloring books. Yes, it really is a thing. But unlike the simple characters and landscapes featured in kids’ books, these feature extremely intricate designs and patterns that require attention to detail and fine motor skills.

The intention of these advanced coloring books is to relax the adults that use them. In fact, many people use them as stress relievers or even meditation-type tools. The books allow time away from technology and provide a creative outlet that most don’t have otherwise. Instead of multi-tasking, people are forced to be in the moment.

In terms of pain relief, numerous studies have shown that as stress goes down, so too does bodily pain. So if you experience chronic pain but find yourself having a hard time relaxing, it may be worth it to try one of these recommended books. They’re fairly inexpensive and might lead to an improvement in condition.

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