Two Hip Flexor Stretches to Ease Low Back Pain


This post from PopSugar is all about back pain relief. And it should be no surprise that it’s been super popular with readers because back pain is one of the most common health problems in the world. In fact, 80 percent of us are expected to suffer from it at some point.

Rather than focus on the different treatments that are available, the piece takes a smart approach by drilling down on one key area of the body—the hip flexor. Also called the psoas, this muscle forms a band connecting the low back to the upper thigh bone through the pelvis. The strategic location makes it easy to understand how a feeling of tightness and even pain can occur in the low back if the muscle is tense or bunched.

To counteract this issue, which can easily happen with all the sitting people do, the writer presents two stretches. One is the hip flexor stretch which can be done anywhere with no props, and the other is the psoas stretch on a roller which requires the use of a foam roller or similar rounded device.

Read the full article here: Quick Fix For Back Pain — Stretch Your Hip Flexors

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