Hospital’s New Hyperbaric Chambers Poised to Fight Pain

Hyperbaric chambers seem to be mentioned most often in terms of Michael Jackson sleeping in one in the mid-80s and of burn victims recovering from their injuries. And while new technologies have attracted more publicity over time, these oxygen-delivering devices are still considered effective in treating certain issues like diabetic foot ulcers, trauma from radiation, and chronic bone infections.

They can also help to reduce pain which results from chronic wound and soft tissue damage. This is among the many reasons that Holyoke Medical Center in Massachusetts has recently added two new hyperbaric oxygen chambers to its facilities. Each 9-foot sealed tube delivers pure oxygen to speed healing and help fight infection. Because of the pressure inside, the body is able to absorb a higher concentration of oxygen molecules which eventually make their way to the injured area. The chambers are part of the hospital’s new Wound Care Center.

Read the full article here: Holyoke Medical Center gets 2 hyperbaric oxygen chambers for pain relief

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