Natural Solutions for Toothaches

Oral health isn’t given nearly the attention it deserves because issues in the mouth can lead to serious problems. And when things do go wrong, it can be extremely painful since there are so many nerves in the face and mouth area. If there is pain, natural remedies can include several different herbs and spices which contain natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Read the full article here: Herbal Remedies for Reducing Mouth Pain

How a Tape Can Relieve Your Joint and Muscle Pain

You may have seen them during the World Cup or NBA games. They’re the strips of tape that tend to cover the shoulders, elbows, and knees of athletes but can really used by anyone who learns the proper application technique. Kinesio Tape, or KT tape is used to relieve pain by lifting the skin away from the area underneath the muscle to allow for faster healing. Read the full article here: Athletes Turn To ‘KT Tape’ For Pain Relief

The Healing Power of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of those pantry items that works on so many levels. Not only can it be used to cook and clean, it also offers incredible health benefits. Because it contains the nutrient-rich “mother,” which differentiates it from white vinegar, it can help lower high cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, and improve digestion. Read the full article here: How Is Apple Cider Vinegar Different From Other Vinegars?

Look for These Health-Boosting Plants (or Grow Them Yourself)

This article from MindBodyGreen describes two common plants that contain numerous vitamins and minerals. They include the wild rose Rosa Rugosa whose petals can be steeped into a tea which offers anti-inflammatory or mild sedative qualities. And the nettle which is packed with potassium and, after it is dried or cooked, great for the kidneys and urinary tract Read the full article here: 2 Powerful Healing Plants That Can Be Found In Your Backyard

Strategies to Manage Stress and Anxiety

Stress can be a mental health issue on its own, but it has also been shown to exacerbate the perception of physical pain as well. According to this counselor, there are many ways of trying to reduce anxiety in a healthy way without turning to medication. They include recognizing the feelings, being kind to yourself, and writing down your thoughts. Read the full article here: Before You Bust Out The Anxiety Meds, Try This

Natural Ways to Manage Menstrual Pain

Pain from the monthly menstrual cycle isn’t always the easiest topic to talk about, but it is a reality for many women. Instead of reaching for the pill bottle, though, there are several natural alternatives for relief from period-related discomfort. These include applying heat, consuming ginger tea, avoiding caffeine, and eating healthily. Read the full article here: DIY tips: 8 natural remedies to relieve period pain, stress