How Thyme Oil Can Help With Everyday Health Needs

Essential oils can have numerous applications. The oil contained in the herb thyme, for instance, contains beneficial compounds that fight harmful microbes. As a result of this and other properties, it is thought to be helpful in fighting acne, gas, scars, and mucus congestion, among other bodily issues. Read the full article here: 20 Health Benefits of Thyme Oil

Student Studies Chronic Pain While Suffering From It Herself

This is inspiring. A U.K. student suffering from chronic back pain and recovering from an addiction to pain pills decided to study the psychology behind the perpetual condition. She found that, in addition to substances, people tend to cope with the problem by being realistic about their condition and also by finding humor in the situation. Read the full article here: Meet the Blackburn student who thinks laughter is the best medicine for chronic pain

Five Feel-Good Yoga Moves to Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Although it can be painful to move with arthritis, yoga is considered one of the best ways to alleviate the symptoms of swelling, tightness, inflammation, and limited range of motion. These five poses are relatively simple and can be adjusted based on ability level. The main thing is to keep moving and stretching the joints to promote relief. Read the full article here: 5 Yoga Poses to Ease Arthritis

A Turmeric-Ginger Tea Tonic

Drinking an infused tea can be a great way to benefit from the health properties spices offer. This article provides a recipe for turmeric-ginger tea which contains powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and analgesic compounds. It could be considered a beneficial health tonic in general but is considered particularly helpful to those suffering from arthritis. Read the full article here: Turmeric-Ginger Tea – A powerful anti-inflammatory remedy for pain relief

Two Simple Yoga Poses That Can Relieve Joint Pain

Physical activity is known to be beneficial for pain, but if your knees and/or joints are hurting, then even walking can cause the irritation to flare up. For a smart alternative, this article suggests two yoga movements—cat’s pose which involves arching and rounding the back, and ankle circles where the leg is extended over head and the ankle is rotated. Read the full article here: How To Get Relief From Knee And Joint Pain In 20 Mins?

How Exercise Helps to Reduce Pain, According to Science

For those who doubt the advice that exercise can help with pain relief, here’s proof. This article describes research that shows the reduced perception of pain after even a short burst of exercise. Another study highlights the phenomenon where the body feels less pain after vigorous exercise than after moderate activity. Interesting science! Read the full article here: Running as Pain Relief

Four Feel-Good Stretches for People With Limited Mobility

Being in a wheelchair or having limited lower body mobility in general isn’t easy for obvious reasons, but it can also result in something less obvious—back pain. This article describes four yoga-inspired stretches that can help to relieve built-up tension in the spinal area. They include a simple less cross, a partnered full-body stretch, head between the knees, and spinal twists. Read the full article here: 4 Awesome Back Pain Relief Tricks for Wheelchair-Users