Reduce Pain in the Knees by Exercising

Knee problems can be debilitating, whether they’re due to age, weight gain, arthritis, or a combination thereof. Although surgical procedures are common, medical professionals recommend exercise as the best way to combat the problem. They believe that strengthening the muscles around the knees can reduce pain and slow deterioration. Read the full article here: How to fix dodgy knees

Natural Ways to Make Labor Pains More Bearable

It is well known that going into labor is one of the most painful experiences a human can endure. And the fact that medications are limited for the safety of the baby makes things even more intense. The good news is, there are numerous natural ways to mitigate the pain. Among them include getting immersed in water, having a hypnobirth, changing positions, and gettingĀ  massaged. Read the full article here: 13 Natural Pain Relief Options For Labour

Chronic Pain Sufferers Secretive About Alternative Treatments

This is an interesting finding. According to a recent study, many chronic pain sufferers who are undergoing alternative therapies like acupuncture and chiropractic care do not tell their primary care doctors about it. Though researchers didn’t look into why this communication isn’t happening, they do believe full disclosure is important. Read the full article here: Many People Seek Alternative Pain Therapies, But Don’t Tell Doctors

New Research Shows Acupuncture Reduces Stress

Some critics of acupuncture claim that the alternative treatment may be relaxing to patients because of a placebo effect, and no research has been submitted to refute this belief… until now. New research from Georgetown University has shown that the needles can actually stop stress hormones from flowing in the body. Read the full article here: Acupuncture May Work Like Drugs To Relieve Stress

A Tennis Ball Could Help to Relieve Your Low Back Pain

The low back is such an integral part of movement that pain in the area could hinder daily activities. An easy way to relieve discomfort is an exercise called isolated myofascial release which simply involves rolling a tennis or lacrosse ball under the large muscles adjacent to the spine. Read the full article here: The best exercise to relieve lower back pain

Natural Remedies to Counteract PMS

PMS is often joked about, but it can result in unbearable symptoms for many women. The good news is, there are natural remedies that can help. According to this article, vitamin B6 is good for hormonal balance while Agnus Castus works well for irritability, and Krill Oil can help to brighten moods. Read the full article here: There’s no need to suffer from period pain