Simple Ways to Relieve Achy Muscles

Muscle pain can occur for a number of reasons including injury, cramping, fatigue, or a sprain. While certain causes have very direct solutions, like drinking water when dehydrated, there are also more general remedies.

Some of the first few solutions are classics that have long been prescribed for achy muscles. Epsom salts, which are usually absorbed through the skin as part of a warm bath, contain magnesium which is vital to muscle recovery. Oral magnesium supplements can also fill the gap, though eating foods that are naturally rich in the nutrient like different seeds, black beans, spinach, and black strap molasses (#5) are preferable.

There are also suggestions for therapies that speed healing from the outside in. Hot and cold treatment are effective in different ways, with heat relaxing and cold reducing inflammation. Getting a massage can break up bundles of tissue and improve circulation, and rest, albeit for a short period, can aid in recovery.

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