Alternative Medicine Spreads in the Lone Star State

The South is continuing its adoption of alternative pain fighting techniques with the opening of two clinics in Texas that focus on acupuncture and deep tissue massage. In fact, acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medicine, has already helped a patient who had a very Texas problem when she was thrown off her horse. After five sessions, she was able to live without medication. Yeehaw! Read the full article here: Acupuncture and deep massage therapy go mainstream in Central Texas

Memphis Welcomes Its First Cryotherapy Center

The South just got a whole lot cooler. The first cryotherapy center recently opened in Memphis, and one intrepid reporter gave it a try. Cryotherapy is the increasingly popular treatment that involves the client going into a -215 degree F chamber for about three minutes. It’s supposed to do everything from reducing bodily pain to reinvigorating the skin with a youthful glow. Read the full article here: Chilling Out at Flow Cryotherapy 

Acupuncture’s Role in Sports Injury Pain Relief

Sports injuries can happen in different parts of the body including the ankle, groin, hamstring, knee, and elbow, among others. According to this article, acupuncture is one way to treat the various injuries and relieve pain because it stimulates blood flow in the affected area. The practice of cupping can also be a helpful remedy to break up blockages. Read the full article here: Effective treatments for sport injuries

Study: Fibromyalgia Can Be ‘Reversed’ With Oxygen

Could intense levels of oxygen help to “reverse” fibromyalgia? That is what one Israeli-based study is claiming based on its clinical trial of patients undergoing sessions in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Out of the 48 women who completed the full course, one researcher states that “hyperbaric oxygen treatments did reverse the condition” of fibromyalgia, as evidenced by “significant changes in brain activity and symptoms.” Read the full article here: Oxygen Therapy Can ‘Reverse’ Fibromyalgia, Study Claims

Knee Exercises To Reduce and Prevent Pain

As with most systems in the body, exercise can actually help to reduce pain in the affected area, or better yet, prevent injuries from ever happening. This post describes six fairly straight forward exercises that focus on strengthening the knee. Just remember to consult with your doctor as needed and start gradually then build up. Read the full article here: 6 Easy Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

Acupuncture Helps Veterans Fight Pain

Acupuncture may not seem like a therapy that veterans would try, but apparently, many are reaping the benefits. In fact, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs believes in the healing power of the practice so much that they have contracts with practitioners. In one case profiled in this article, acupuncture has given enormous relief to a formerly pain-ridden ex-Marine who admits to hating needles. Read the full article here: Sharp focus on pain relief

Natural Treatments for Oral Discomfort

Mouth pain can not only be annoying, but it can be hard to live with since it hinders proper eating and drinking. Dental care should be sought for a more permanent fix, but in the meantime, the natural remedies presented in this article can help to relieve the often throbbing pain. Possible treatments include clove buds and mint essential oils for an analgesic effect and turmeric for anti-inflammatory benefits. Read the full article here: Herbal Remedies for Reducing Mouth Pain