Remedies for Relief from the Arthritis Foundation

The Arthritis Foundation has recommended several tools to help reduce pain and shore up the body against symptoms. They include a UV light which can kill infections, a shake weight to strengthen the arms and muscles, and TheraBeads Microwavable heating pads to loosen stiff joints. Curcumin supplements are also thought to help relieve discomfort. Read the full article here: The Arthritis Foundation Revealed 10 Health Aids Considered Helpful to Arthritis Patients

The Simple Ingredient That Can Stop Arthritis Pain

Certain foods have been shown to relieve pain as well as medicine can. In this article, a woman shares her story of being debilitated by rheumatoid arthritis and lupus to the point where it took her nearly two hours to get out of bed. When standard medicines didn’t work, her dietitian recommended tart cherry juice, and her pain reportedly disappeared completely within a month. Read the full article here: Look No Further Than Your Pantry For Holistic┬áPain-Relievers

Ayurvedic Remedies for Kids

According to this article, instead of giving your children medication to deal with common ailments, there are natural remedies that can help just as well. For example, coriander power can soothe a tummy ache, good ole prune juice diluted with water can loosen constipation, and a raw honey mixture can stave off a cold. Read the full article here: Ayurveda Pain Relief For A Healthy Childhood

The Natural Way to Prevent Diabetes Nerve Pain

Diabetes has many negative side effects, one of which can be terrible nerve pain. One fairly easy and safe remedy is to take fish oil supplements on a daily basis. Researchers found that fish oil contains a compound called resolvins that can improve nerve health and keep them from degrading further or even dying. Read the full article here: Perfect pain relief for diabetes