Menopausal Women Seeking Out Alternative Therapies

A recent study has found that women are increasingly learning about and incorporating alternative therapies into their health regimens to combat symptoms related to menopause. These can include massage therapy, yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. Part of the reason behind this trend is thought to be the fear of consequences related to hormone treatments. Read the full article here: Study: Women Turning to Alternative Medicine to Combat Menopause

Could Hypnosis Be the Next Big Treatment For Arthritis?

We don’t hear about this as often as other alternative therapies, but apparently, hypnosis is becoming an increasingly popular treatment for arthritis sufferers. Experts believe that it helps people deactivate certain areas of their brain that relate to sensations of pain. Read the full article here: An Increasing Number of Arthritis Patients Resort to Hypnosis for Pain Management

Walk Away From Foot Pain, Avoid Flip Flops

Summer is upon us which, for many, means flip flops. But just as high heels can wreak havoc on the feet and ankles, so too can the go-to hot weather staple. Experts advise against wearing them because of their lack of support which can lead to plantar fasciitis and other problems. Read the full article here: Flip flops pose serious foot problems

Warm Water Can Float the Pain Away

Warm water can be a particularly effective way of reducing discomfort related to issues such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and back pain. The temperature not only relaxes the system as heat therapy is known to do in general, but the water also offers buoyancy which takes weight pressure off the body. Read the full article here: Research Showed Warm Water May Be a Powerful Weapon Against Pain, Stiffness, Aches and Fatigue

Yoga Promotes Sciactica Pain Relief

Sciatica is the general condition that involves a pinch or strain of the sciatic nerve which runs from the low back down the legs. Though treating sciatica completely can take time, yoga is widely considered to be an effective practice for relieving related symptoms. Seated, standing, and twisting poses can be extremely helpful in relaxing the affected lower body area. Read the full article here: Easy And Effective Yoga Stretches For Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

The “Door of Heaven” Pressure Point in Chinese Medicine

According to ancient Chinese medicine, the upper side of the middle part of the ear is called the “Door of Heaven.” It is a pressure point that aligns to feelings of stress, tension, and addiction in the body. To relieve these feelings, the area should be gently rubbed while taking deep, measured breaths and removing all negative thoughts from the mind. Read the full article here: Ear: Door Of Heaven Which Can Give You Relief From Pain

The Life-Changing Benefits of Massage

This article tells the story of regular people who decided to become licensed massage therapists after suffering from different ailments. Perhaps because they’re in the business, or perhaps because they’ve experienced the benefits first hand, they consider massage to be a first line of defense in health and stress reduction more than an indulgent treat (which it can also be). Read the full article here: Feature: In touch: Massage therapists promote healing