The Secrets Behind Arthritis Pain Treatments


The beginning of this article reminds me of a great observation a previous piece had made which is to stop looking for quick fixes—despite what all the ads say–because they don’t exist. And many of the arthritis medications that marketers are touting are apt to result in terrible side effects anyway. According to the writer, arthritis drugs were made to attack one cause at a time, and what is really needed and most effective is a multi-pronged approach.

The first priority is to manage the physical body. Excess weight and high impact usage of the joints can exacerbate problems because the body is being asked to do more than it is capable of. So it’s important to reach a healthy, leaner weight and take care of the joints. In terms of supplements, green tea extract and silymarin can reduce pain and inflammation, and curcumin and fish oil can promote joint cartilage health.

Read the full article here: Why So Many Arthritis Sufferers Fail to Find Relief

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