Smart-phone Controlled Pad Could Help With Back Pain

Everyone nowadays has a smartphone, so why not put it to use in helping to relieve back pain? There’s a new device embedded with pain-relieving LED lights that connects with the phone and is worn like a back support. It will likely be available in the UK later this year. Read the full article here: Soon your trusty smartphone might soothe your back pain

Pain Relief Centers Becoming Big Business

Regardless of the reason, whether it be from working out or from ailments, people seem to be struggling with pain in greater numbers than ever. In response, several centers have opened around the Chicago area that offer different tools to relieve discomfort in the body.

Cuba’s Go-To Plant-Based Medicines

Wow, for a period, Cuba relied primarily on natural and homeopathic remedies to help with health problems. And even though doctors have concluded that plant-based solutions are not as effective for more serious diseases, they have observed the efficacy of natural medicines on milder issues. Read the full article here: Cuban Natural Health Remedies: A Learning Experience