How to Improve Your Digestion for Better Overall Health

Digestive health is perhaps one of the most important indicators for overall well-being. In fact, one doctor has said he would choose probiotics over all other supplements because he knows how important proper digestion is. These seven principles of Ayurvedic eating aim to optimize the mind, body, and stomach into one well-functioning unit. Read the full article here: 7 Ayurvedic Secrets For Healthy Digestion

Migraine Pain Can Go Away with Acupuncture

Those who get migraines know that sometimes, it can seem impossible to get rid of them without having to endure hours of excruciating pain. This article recommends acupuncture as a way to treat the root cause of the migraines and also suggests exploring Chinese herbs to get relief from the symptoms. Read the full article here: Having Migraines? Try Acupuncture!

Five Ways to Avoid Foot Pain

Foot pain is extremely common, whether it’s because of improper shoes, injury, or structural issues like bunions. In this article, a podiatrist presents five ways to prevent foot pain. He also recommends swimming as an exercise alternative that is gentle on the feet. Read the full article here: Foot pain? Relief can be simple

The Heat is On for Cayenne Warming Oil

This is interesting… This article provides a recipe for cayenne warming oil which is supposed to be rubbed onto the skin topically to relieve muscle or joint pain. It’s got a nice trifecta of heat producing agents: cayenne pepper, mustard seeds, and ginger. Read the full article here: How to Make Cayenne Warming Oil for Joint, Muscle and Arthritis Pain Relief

All About Relieving Low Back Pain with Physical Therapy

This article provides an in-depth description of the types of physical therapy options available for low back pain and in which circumstances each is the most appropriate. It also lists the different exercises that are often done during physical therapy for the back and why strengthening and stretching is so important. Read the full article here: Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain Relief

Prince Charles’ Letters about Alternative Medicine Revealed

Who would’ve thought Prince Charles to be a big proponent of alternative medicine? Apparently letters with former Prime Minster Tony Blair have been revealed that show his support even to the extent that he made sure his own alternative medicine charity was included in government conversations. Read the full article here: Prince Charles ‘Black Spider’ letters released: Memos indicate Prince could have influenced government policy over alternative medicine