The Medicinal Benefits of Ginger

I am a huge fan of ginger because it’s incredibly warming, it’s great for the stomach, and it adds a wonderful flavor to dishes. This article also promotes ginger’s incredible pain-fighting properties for people who have arthritis, back issues, and other health concerns. Read the full article here: 10 Incredible Benefits of Ginger

When to Take Vitamins for Optimal Benefits

Vitamins can be beneficial, but taking them under proper conditions can enhance the positive effects on the body. Fat soluble vitamins such as omega-3s and vitamins A, D, E, and K are better taken with foods that contain fat. On the other hand, probiotics and B12 are better ingested on an empty stomach. Read the full article here: When is the Best Time to Take my Vitamins?

Chiropractor Celebrates 70 Years of Business

This is a wonderful story. A 91-year old chiropractor in Wisconsin recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of her clinic and, as the county’s first female chiropractor, she’s still going strong! She sticks to simple manual adjustments (no fancy gadgets) and enjoys helping people. Read the full article here: 91-year-old chiropractor has been making adjustments for 70 years

Planting Herbs That Heal

It’s a great time to plant herbs that not only taste great but that also contain valuable healing properties. Some examples include, among others, basil which has anti-inflammatory properties, lemon balm which is a great stress reducer, and parsley which is a well-known stomach soother. Read the full article here: 9 Healing Herbs for a Natural Medicine Cabinet: Grow Your Own Healing Herb Garden

A Bracelet That Can Reduce Chronic Pain

A wearable device is offering pain relief benefits through the use of FDA-approved pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT). The technology, which is available in bracelet form, aims to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation by sending electromagnetic waves through the body. Read the full article here: Wearable technology may improve sleep, endurance and chronic pain

Scientific Evidence that Anti-Inflammatory Foods Work

This article from Michigan State University summarizes previous research studies that examined the link between diet and inflammation. Apparently, a Mediterranean diet high in fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and fish was shown to decrease joint tenderness. And sour cherry juice also had reported pain relieving benefits. Read the full article here: Can anti-inflammatory foods help arthritis?