Responses to a Criticism of Vitamins

These two letters are interesting and different responses to a critical Wall Street Journal review of a book called “Vitamania.” A doctor writes that personalized vitamin therapy should not be discounted as a potential option for some. Meanwhile, a man reveals the positive impact a daily green food supplement has had on his wife suffering from fibromyalgia pain. Read the full article here: ‘Vitamania,’ Nutrition and Varied Individual Needs

The News About Sitting Too Much Gets Worse

More studies are uncovering the terrible effect that sitting has on our bodies and our health. New data shows that it can lead to serious issues like heart calcification which increases the risk for a heart attack. It can also negatively impact cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and inflammation. Read the full article here: Why Exercise Won’t Counteract The Effects Of Sitting All Day

With Chronic Pain, Treat the Body and Focus the Mind

Chronic pain can be frustrating because the source is often hard to find and, as a result, hard to treat. The best way to manage is to look beyond just the bodily cause and take an integrative approach that includes attention to the mind’s role in the pain as well. Read the full article here: Understand chronic pain in order to thrive

Garden Your Way to Better Health

Gardening is not only an incredibly therapeutic activity, but it can also produce plants and herbs that are beneficial for your body. This article suggests fennel, marigolds, lavender, and sage, but the choices can totally be customized to your own health needs.

Never Too Old to Get Healthy

This story shows that you’re never too old to take control of your health. A retired couple had been dealing with typical issues that come with aging including high blood pressure and excess weight. They decided to integrate alternative medicine into their lives and now feel healthier than ever. Read the full article here: Retirees taking control of their health