Eat Real Food, Not Supplements

Though supplements can be helpful, experts agree that fresh food is the best source for people to get their vitamins and minerals. Wellness figure David Zinczenko lists six fairly easy food swaps that can be made to put the emphasis on healthy eating rather than pills.

Lesser Known Pain Relief Methods

Time magazine highlights four lesser-known techniques to relieve pain based on research study findings. They include changing the position of the affected area, listening to music, doing acupressure such for a headache, and visualizing favorite foods. Read the full article here: 4 Surprising Tricks to Beat Pain

Drink Recipes for Stomach Relief

Whether you have food poisoning or your stomach hurts because of some other reason, gastrointestinal distress is hard to get through. You’re often dealing with nausea, pain, cramps, or other symptoms. These four drink recipes contain key ingredients such as ginger, apple cider, lime, and yogurt to help soothe your stomach. Read the full article here: 4 Easy Homemade Drinks To Soothe Your Digestion

Acupuncture’s Still Got It

Even after thousands of years of practice, acupuncture continues to be discovered as a way to help people relieve their pain. In this story, a woman had several surgeries after rupturing a disc but was still in immense pain and could barely walk. She went to see an acupuncturist, and the treatment made a huge difference. Read the full article here: Acupuncture a viable alternative in pain management

Heal Pain Through Light, Not Pills

Addiction to painkillers is an epidemic in the U.S. To counteract pill-taking to fight pain, one doctor in Washington State is treating patients in his Pain Recovery Program with light. The device is called Neurolumen and is an FDA-approved treatment that involves electrical stimulation, LED lights, and a low-level laser. Read the full article here: Pain relief without drugs

Turning Fibromyalgia Sufferers into Yogis

Yoga has many health benefits, including helping to alleviate fibromyalgia pain. The poses, breathing exercises, and meditation aspects all help sufferers feel better. Part of the reason, according to experts, is that the practice helps to release clenched muscles that lead to more tension and pain. Read the full article here: Need Fibromyalgia Pain Relief? Try Yoga

Joint Pain Relief Trends

Joint health is a major topic in medicine because so many people suffer from it. One industry analyst shared his observations for the top trends. They include wearable devices such as Quell, the growing popularity of turmeric, and manufacturers making lower dose products. Read the full article here: Three Pivot Points for the Joint Health Market

The Spectrum of Pain Management Options

When dealing with pain, people should start with the mildest treatment options before working their way up to more invasive procedures. Adding pain and anti-inflammatory elements to the diet and getting regular exercise are also beneficial regardless of ailment.