Radio-ing for Migraine Relief

It may seem like a no-brainer that migraines originate from the head, but some may actually be the result of irritated nerves in the neck. In these cases, doctors have been using a procedure called radio frequency ablasion where an adjacent nerve is treated to relieve pain. Read the full article here: Possible New Relief for Migraines

Knee Pain Gets Zapped With Cold Therapy

Knee pain can be a huge detriment to mobility since the joint is involved with walking and running. For those who have issues due to injury, osteoarthritis, or extra weight can get relief through a treatment called cold therapy where the peripheral nerve is zapped with cold to turn off the pain signals. Read the full article here: Freezing away knee pain

Chiropractic for Seniors

It’s a part of nature—the body naturally begins to decline when we get older, and painful ailments eventually develop in our backs, necks, and joints. Fortunately, these issues can be addressed with a visit to the chiropractor which has been shown to be effective for seniors. Read the full article here: Treating geriatric patients on chiropractic tables

Changing the Way We Talk About Pain

Despite advances in medical technology, doctors must still rely on patients to describe the type and intensity of their pain to help make a diagnosis. One researcher is trying to come up with a common lexicon to help both communicate for more effective treatment.

Preventing Low Back Pain in Kids

It may be surprising, but children can have low back pain too. And a recent study has found that educating them about back health is helpful in preventing the problem. Even more beneficial was showing them daily spinal exercises which significantly reduced reported issues. Read the full article here: Study: Daily exercise and education reduces episodes of low back pain in children

Stretches for Sciatica Sufferers

Sciatica is a condition plaguing millions of Americans, either through pain in the lower back or a shooting or numbing sensation down the legs, and it’s difficult to treat effectively. To relieve the ongoing pain, these four exercises can help. They aim to stretch the area around the sciatic nerve to enhance mobility. Plus, they just feel good to do. Read the full article here: 4 Exercises for Sciatica Pain Relief

Scrambler Technology Retrains the Brain from Pain

The Scrambler isn’t just a carnival ride anymore, it’s also the name of a new pain relief technology that reportedly uses electrodes to retrain the brain into turning off the pain signal. Despite a pending lawsuit, suppliers hope to begin making the treatment available over the next several years. Read the full article here: Forget narcotics — beat your pain with the ‘scrambler’ instead

Relief for Sufferers of Diabetic Neuropathy

Exercise is once again proving to be a beneficial activity. In a new study, researchers have found that aerobic exercise may help to reduce the level at which pain interferes in the lives of those who have diabetic neuropathy. Effective activities can include swimming or walking. Read the full article here: Exercise May Reduce Impact of Diabetic Neuropathy Pain on Daily Life