Acupuncture Before Surgery Can Mitigate Recovery Pain

So much has been written about the benefits of acupuncture which is designed to prevent internal imbalances and blockages which can lead to illness. An interesting point this article makes is that it can be used effectively before surgery to decrease the level of post-procedure pain. Read the full article here: Myriad benefits of acupuncture

How to Relieve Pain in Your Shoulders

Shoulder pain is extremely common and can result from a fall, repetitive motions, or misuse. If you are experiencing pain in your shoulder, use ice to get the inflammation down and allow the area to rest and heal. Shoulder strengthening exercises will help lessen your chance of injuring the area in the first place. Read the full article here: 6 Steps to shoulder pain relief

Why You Shouldn’t Focus Too Much on Your Pain

This is an interesting study from Canada that found that people who kept pain diaries actually had worse recovery rates from acute lower back sprain than others who started out with a similar level of injury but kept no diary. Researchers believe that the increased focus on their pain could have made it worse. Read the full article here: Pain diaries may slow patient recovery, study shows

Using Breath to Relieve Pain

Pranayama, or conscious breathing, can have an incredible effect on the body physiologically. It can help to relieve pain, clear the sinuses, promote sleep, and relax the nervous system. This kind of breathing exercise can also be used as a form of meditation which can be done anywhere.

Swing For Tennis Elbow Relief

Lateral elbow pain is better known as tennis elbow which is a fairly common condition resulting from repetitive motions that include gripping, twisting, or typing. It’s tough to avoid using these muscles in the arm and hand, so for the most effective treatment, try physical therapy. Read the full article here: Ask Your Physical Therapist: Dealing with lateral elbow pain

Good Digestion is Easy to Swallow

A well-functioning digestive system is a key indicator of good health. To avoid gastrointestinal issues such as pain, bloating, and blockage, it’s important to reduce stress and eat a diet high in fiber and probiotics. The included recipe for a “happy belly smoothie” has both. Read the full article here: A Happy Belly Smoothie To Improve Your Digestion

What is Sciatica and How to Heal the Pain

The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back down the legs to the feet so it’s important to keep the area healthy and pain free or it could interfere with mobility. The key is to keep the back and core system strong by exercising and stretching the area regularly as well as by doing cardio to promote overall blood flow.

Learning from Natural Health Mistakes

This mom lists the three mistakes she made when venturing into the natural health arena, and they are all lessons we can all learn from. She didn’t do all her research beforehand, she gave up on things before giving them enough time to work, and she didn’t always buy the highest quality products. Read the full article here: My journey toward natural health and 3 mistakes I made

Incorporate Arthritis Pain Fighters in Your Diet

Arthritis is an extremely common condition where the joints become inflamed and painful. While it’s important to get diagnosed with the specific subset of the disease, it can also be helpful to incorporate things in your diet like turmeric, ginger, and flax seed to help relieve some of the pain. Read the full article here: Natural Arthritis Pain Relief Treatments