How Plant-Based Diets Have Given People Back Their Lives

Numerous studies have extolled the virtues of plant-based diets for health and weight loss, not to mention the favorable impact on the environment. But sometimes, it’s hard to get motivated to act based on statistics and research alone.

MindBodyGreen features the before and after profiles of four patients who experienced significant life changes after transitioning to a vegan diet. Each suffered from different ailments including diabetes, blocked arteries, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. After becoming vegan, they each had vastly improved conditions to the point where many no longer needed most medications. And they also reported feeling better and having more energy.

If sticking to a vegan diet sounds too extreme for you, that’s okay. We’re all used to the diets we’re used to. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make small changes and see how we feel. Why not try swapping one meaty meal a week for a vegetarian one, then build from there?

Read the full article here: Before & After: Plant-Based Diet Success Stories

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