Feeling the Pain of Stress

Research continues to show the detrimental effect that stress can have on our health. Stress over an extended period of time can make existing health problems worse, create bad habits, and increase cardiovascular risk, to name a few.

A recent study found another negative affect of stress: it lowers the ability to withstand pain and can also increase pain intensity. Participants were much less able to modulate pain when feeling more stressed.

It would be ideal to not feel any pain at all, but for most of us, this isn’t a reality. As a result, the researchers recommend reducing overall stress by adopting relaxation techniques and going to therapy. To counteract this mind/body sabotage, an activity like yoga may also be beneficial.

Do you find yourself feeling more physical pain when you get stressed out?

Read the full article here: Stress reduces our ability to cope with physical pain, study finds

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