Red, Hot (and Pain-Blocking) Chili Peppers

Researchers have figured out how capsaicin, the spicy chemical in peppers, works to relieve pain. Apparently, it activates a heat-sensing protein that also works to shut down pain proteins through a chain reaction of events. Read the full article here: Chili peppers’ pain-relieving secrets uncovered [sc:mbta]

How Plant-Based Diets Have Given People Back Their Lives

Plant based diets have proven to be beneficial in studies, but more importantly, they have significantly benefited numerous individuals in real life. A large number of these people had been struggling with significant chronic health issues but were able to transition off of many medications as a result of this dietary change.

The Hottest Way to Live Longer

A recent study of men in eastern Finland has shown that those who spent more time in a hot, dry sauna—ideally, four to seven sessions a week—had a lower risk of dying than those who went less frequently. Researchers think the heat could provide heart benefits similar to that of exercise. Read the full article here: To Extend Your Life, Spend Time In A Sauna [sc:mbta]

Non-Surgical Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower back pain is one of the most common causes of doctor’s visits. With all the muscles, tendons, and nerves that connect the lower back to the legs through to the feet, it’s no wonder many people feel strain or irritation in this area. To help relieve pain without surgery, this doctor recommends lower back, or lumbar, decompression therapy which can focus on the area causing pain and exercise the muscles for better functionality. Read the full article here: Decompression therapy: Back pain relief without surgery [sc:mbta]

Herbal Supplements: a Controversial Pill to Swallow

Herbal supplements tend to attract controversy, and if the legal skirmish in New York is any indication, it will probably continue for a while longer. The attorney general’s office of New York conducted an investigation of herbal supplements at four major retailers—GNC, Target, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart—and found that many did not contain the advertised herb and/or included adulterated content not listed on the label. As a result, the office ordered the stores to pull supplements like echinacea, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba off their shelves. This article by Dr. Mercola calls into question their testing techniques, specifically, DNA barcoding. His main …

Chocolate to Become Healthier by 2016

Hallelujah, a reason to eat more chocolate! Nestle USA announced that it will phase out artificial flavors and colorings from its products by the end of 2015. They promise that these changes will not affect the taste. Read the full article here: Nestle Will No Longer Use Artificial Flavors & Coloring In Its Chocolate [sc:mbta]

Oh Canada!: Taking Alternative Medicine to the Next Level

Canada is home to the newly established Scarborough Hospital’s Centre for Integrative Medicine.  Its goal is to explore the use of alternative medicine in a hospital setting and to practice the integration of traditional Chinese medicine with western practices. Read the full article here: Hospital, U of T examine possible uses of alternative medicines [sc:mbta]

New X-Ray Takes Pics of Elusive Pain Receptors

New and effective pain medications may be exciting news to the medical community and the people who need relief, but perhaps similarly important is the development of medical equipment that can help researchers make those next discoveries. In one such example, scientists recently developed a new way to take X-ray images of receptors that can be responsible for pain. Their technique involves short pulses of a higher-intensity X-ray laser which produce an image of the undamaged molecules. Their goal was to be able to better determine how the binding of molecules to pain receptors works in order to research better …

Eggs-ellent News in New Dietary Guidelines

A new report by a U.S. government nutrition panel has determined that an egg a day is fine to eat, as its impact on cholesterol may not be as bad as originally thought. They also recommend eating less sugar and saturated fats, and increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables. Read the full article here: US Nutrition Panel Says Cholesterol Isn’t Bad (But Sugar Still Is) [sc:mbta]

The Healing Power of Sound

Did you know that sound can be used therapeutically? One example that you may be aware of is the use of mantras or chants by yogis, monks, and indigenous peoples. Tools such as singing bowls, tuning forks, and drums can also be used to encourage relaxation and internal energy movement. Read the full article here: What You Need To Know About Sound Healing [sc:mbta]