What Does the Color Black Signify?


The color black is dark and mysterious, often associated with something bad or wicked. There are many sayings and superstitions associated with the color black for example black cats, “black death” being blacklisted and the term “dark days.” Black is the color associated with death and mourning.

In actuality there are many different meanings for the color black and quite a few contradict each other. Black is often the color of authority and power. People wear black because it makes them appear thinner, it is always in style and a classic hue the same shirt for example looks more dressy in black than another color. In the Catholic Church priests wear black in submission to God.

Other associations of black are elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. Black can symbolize strength and authority. Black looks great with any other color around it. When wearing black you can wear any color jewelry and any metal. Here are some bracelets that either look great with black or have shade of black in them. Wear black with confidence.

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