How to Store Your Magnetic Jewelry

To get the most benefit out of your magnetic jewelry regular wear is encouraged. You should wear the jewelry as much as possible. However if you want to take a swim or a shower and don’t think that the jewelry should be in the lake or pool or shower than you can take it off and put it in your jewelry box or wrap it up in a soft cloth to help keep track of it and keep it from getting misplaced or damaged. Stainless steel jewelry can withstand usual daily wear without removal but sometimes people prefer to remove the copper bracelets because pool chemicals or lakes could bring additional patina and wear and tear on them. Hematite magnetic jewelry should be removed before bathing and swimming.

Here are some helpful instructions on cleaning magnetic jewelry. The beaded jewelery can be simply wiped off with a slightly damp cloth to clean it up. With jewelry that has a clasp you should wipe the clasp clean often to keep dirt and debris from building up on the connection. If you have several pieces of magnetic jewelry we recommend storing it in a soft bag or a jewelry box. We hope you enjoy your magnetic jewelry for years to come.

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