Wearing Your Magnetic Jewelry in the Lake or Pool

When you are out and about playing in the water do you keep your magnetic jewelry on or take it off? Some is  perfectly safe to wear in the lake or pool, meaning that the lake water may not hurt the jewelry but perhaps you prefer to take it off so it does not get lost. If you have a magnetic clasp and are playing in the lake or pool, it might be best to take the jewelry off so it does not get bumped loose and lost. Hematite magnetic jewelry should be kept out of the water.  A stainless steel piece of jewelry will not tarnish of discolor in the lake but you may want to be more careful with a piece of copper jewelry. Copper can be cleaned with some common household products like a 10 minute soak in lemon juice but it might be best to take it off in the first place if you remember to because the water may speed the natural patina that forms on copper..

Other thoughts on copper jewelry include;

Will copper turn my skin colors?

The answer is maybe. Copper can naturally react to people’s perspiration to turn skin and copper black, blue, or green. This is a natural reaction that happens because of the nature of real copper. Look at the copper made Statue of Liberty to see this green color patina. You also might know someone that experiences green discoloration marks from wearing 14K gold which contains copper. This is the real nature of copper. The discoloration  can be removed with soap & water. Some people may have body chemistry that’s more prone to staining than others. If this happens to you and do not like it, consider magnet jewelry without copper such as stainless steel magnetic jewelry which will not discolor the way copper will.

For information on cleaning your magnetic jewelry please visit. http://www.magnetjewelrystore.com/how-can-i-clean-my-magnetic-jewelry.html

Some examples of our many styles of magnetic jewelry include: 




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