Summer Bracelet Styles

We are in the midst of a beautiful summer. These beautiful summer days lead to many occasions for dressing up with weddings and parties. Some of our favorite bracelets are perfect for summer occasions to dress up. Mixing metals and bright stones are fun to wear in the summer as are ankle bracelets. Here are a few of our top pics for fun summer days when you are dressing up to go to a function or just laying low. This copper bangle with a smooth finish is simplicity at it’s finest. Copper looks great with a sparkling sunshine and compliments most skin tones. copper-band-magnetic-bracelet-5 The amethyst and hematite in this magnetic bracelet with a magnetic clasp is easy to put on and the bright purple brings a nice touch of color. magnetic-anklet-amethyst-hematite-3-5 Mixing metals in one piece allows you to wear gold and silver in earrings and your necklace as well without worrying that they do not match. magnetic-bracelet-stainless-steel-style-22-5 This classic bangle is gorgeous with a hammered silver outside and the bit of copper around the skin. You get the best of both worlds! silver-hammer-copper-magnetic-bracelet-5

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