Our Top Summer Bracelet Pics

Well Summer is in full swing and we know how many of your really like to soak up that sun. The warmth of the rays and the Vitamin D soaking into our skin feels so darn good. There are some bracelets that look very nice out in the bright sunshine against a suntan. Here are a few of our favorites.


Doesn’t this bracelet remind you of a cool blue body of water waiting for you to refresh yourself in? It says to us welcome to the beach.


The multi colored metal in this magnetic bangle goes with any thing in your summer wardrobe. That makes it a great piece to take on vacation because it will match no matter what you pack so there is less to keep track of while away from home.

silver-hammer-copper-magnetic-bracelet-5This simple silver bangle also matches well with many styles and colors from casual to dressing for dinner. The hammered surface gives it justĀ  a bit of detail.


Our final top summer pick had to have some green in there. There Malachite rice beads paired with high power magnetic hematite look just right. Have a great summer!

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