Happy Independence Day

Magnet Jewelry Store want to wish you a very Happy Independence Day! We hope you enjoy the holiday. What are you doing to celebrate? A day at the lake grilling  with family and friends is our favorite way followed of course by FIREWORKS!!! To show your pride in the USA and also receive the benefits that so many people do from wearing magnetic jewelry here are a few suggestions of our favorite red, white, and blue pieces.

This custom, made to order piece comes in a bracelet, anklet, or a necklace. Made with hematite bead and high power therapeutic hematite magnets. The colored beads are made with red coral, white mother of pearl, and blue sodalit beads. The clasp is a high power hematite color 5000 gauss neodymium rare earth magnetic clasp.



The red, white and blue bracelet above could also be stacked with either of the blue bracelets below. Blue agate and hematite combined give a beautiful cool look.

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