Summer is Approaching, Time for Anklets

One of the most fun pieces of jewelry is an anklet or ankle bracelet. Summer is for anklets and it will be here sooner than you know it, even if you are experiencing an unusually cool Spring as many parts of the country are it will get hot eventually, I just know it. We have some really beautiful ankle bracelets in stainless steel and hematite with our top quality neodymium rare earth north facing magnets. The stainless steel anklets are nickel free as well. 

Some of our feedback has been very positive with customers who wear the magnets as anklets, they have reported on how well they feel wearing the anklets. Our stainless steel ankle bracelets have a secure snap shut clasp and come in different widths and thicknesses. There is sure to be a design you will love. Check out a few of our favorite pics.

magnetic-anklet-hematite-14-1 magnetic-anklet-lapis-lazuli-hematite-3-1 magnetic-anklet-stainless-steel-style-36-7 Precaution for magnet therap


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