Properties and benefits of Copper

Copper metal has been used in jewelry for thousands of years, it is a beautiful reddish metal that blends and compliments many colors and all skin tones. It is also an essential nutrient for the body.

Copper is a trace element used throughout history to help with healing and defense for the body in infection. Trace elements are nutrients your body needs in small amounts but cannot produce on its own. They are essential for health.  Copper can improve the production of red blood cells and helps the body to absorb iron, which is another trace element that is very important for the body. People with anemia are low in iron typically. Copper also has anti-microbial properties and is used in plumbing for water transport.

According to Mayo Clinic, Lack of copper may lead to anemia and osteoporosis (weak bones).

Some conditions may increase your need for copper. These include:

  • Burns
  • Diarrhea
  • Intestine disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Pancreas disease
  • Stomach removal
  • Stress, continuing

As a fun fashion statement we offer comfortable copper bracelets and bangles that go well with casual and dress wear and are unisex. These bracelets are thought by some to help with pain and arthritis and include magnets. The bracelets are minimal, not real flashy but more of a classic style so they are versatile. Check out our classic styles, if not for therapy just for the beautiful comfortable look and feel.

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