Magnetic fields: healthy vs. unhealthy

When looking at magnetic jewelry, you have no doubt come across terms like polarity and fields. Polarity refers to the electric current created between the north (positive) and south (negative) poles on a magnetic.

But then there are the magnetic fields to consider. Every day your body is exposed to magnetic fields – many of them unhealthy ones. These fields come in the form of pollution and smog, as well as electromagnetic fields created by appliances such as cell phones and microwaves, and health devices such as x-ray machines. While some unhealthy magnetic fields are just about impossible to avoid, it still makes sense to do your best to limit unnecessary exposure (such as moving away from a microwave while it’s in use, rather than standing right next to it).

Healthy magnetic fields come in the form of magnets, and these can be placed on the human body to increase blood flow to limbs and extremities. However, take care when using any type of magnet around electronics, as well as insulin pumps and other health devices that rely on electricity or magnets to run.

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