The basics of magnet therapy

Magnet therapy is not a new type of therapy, though in earlier times most people simply used magnetic discs placed strategically on and around the body. These days, magnetic jewelry is quite fashionable and very much a mainstream choice, and it’s easy to see why: jewelry is always “in”, and enables the wearer to take part in magnetic therapy in a comfortable, unobtrusive manner.

Magnet therapy works by generating a small current via the presence of positive and negative poles. The resulting effect, known as polarity, can increase blood flow, which means bringing more oxygen to the area where the magnet is placed. For people who suffer from pain due to a lack of oxygen or cellular activity in areas of the body, magnet therapy may alleviate discomfort by increasing blood flow.

Will magnet therapy work for you? Some people do find that even a basic magnet bracelet or necklace may soothe arthritis inflammation, or provide other comfort. But as always, you should discuss magnet therapy or any other type of health treatment with your physician.

Precaution for magnet therap

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