Get migraine relief with a magnetic necklace

migraine pain The changing of the seasons means a transition from warm to cool or cool to warm. And for people who are prone to migraines, that means encountering weather-related head pain. It’s thought that sudden abrupt changes in barometric pressure — such as what occurs in the hours leading up to a snow storm or severe thunderstorms — can trigger migraines, though it’s not entirely understood why air pressure changes, which have little effect on the rest of our bodies, would cause so much head pain. But those barometer increases and decreases can have those of us who are migraine-prone to start wincing.

There are several things you can do to reduce the likelihood of a migraine, or to at least lessen the intensity of one. Plenty of clear liquids, a warm bath, a cool, dimly lit room – all of these can soothe the body and ease head pain. But have you thought about magnetic therapy? For many people, magnetic therapy may help to alleviate various ailments, including migraines. The idea is that the magnetic field provided by a magnet worn as a necklace placed around the neck, possibly even a bracelet — can help to increase oxygen flow to the area, and provide positive ions that can soothe and possibly heal. hematite magnetic necklace

Migraines can be a literal pain, so in addition to discussing your medical history and treatment options with your doctor, consider adding a magnetic necklace such as the simple and comfortable black hematite magnetic necklace to your migraine prevention & treatment regimen.

Precaution for magnet therap

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