3 offline sources for unique jewelry

While you’ll probably have a hard time finding magnetic jewelry offline (which is why you should stick to our store for the latest and best choices in magnetic jewelry for therapeutic purposes), you can find regular types of jewelry in more places than just stores and boutiques. Consider these three somewhat unique sources for equally unique types of jewelry:

A relative’s jewelry box.

vintage jewelry A grandmother, an aunt, even an older cousin: chances are she has a jewelry box, and chances are she’ll have jewelry that is sure to catch your eye. What’s more, depending on how long ago the jewelry was purchased, you may come across styles of necklaces and bracelets, even brooches and hat pins, that you just won’t find today. Even costume jewelry can be worth a look, since jewelry doesn’t have to be costly in order to be pretty.


Many foreclosed-upon homes or homes belonging to a recently deceased person are put up for auction, since it’s most cost-effective to sell off all of the furnishings and belongings in one go. Auctions are a great source for vintage jewelry, so the next time you drive by a house auction, consider stopping and taking a look around!

Thrift shops & flea markets

Thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales are all excellent sources for great jewelry finds. You may need to do some literal digging around in the items that are for sale, but some persistence can be well worth it, as you may turn up valuable or simply very pretty pieces of jewelry.

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