Spring is coming – add some style & healing elements to your jewelry box!

Spring is in the area, and now’s a great time to consider some new additions to your warm weather wardrobe! Magnetic jewelry has the potential to provide healthful properties, including increased blood flow and possibly decreased pain from common conditions like arthritis and Fibromyalgia. If you’ve never tried magnet therapy before, consider these simplistic designs to complement your existing jewelry:

Gold & Satin Silver Twist Copper Magnetic Bracelet
Gold & Satin Silver Twist Copper Magnetic BraceletSilver Hammer Copper Magnetic Bracelet
Silver Hammer Copper Magnetic BraceletMalachite Rice & Hematite Magnetic Necklace
Malachite Rice & Hematite Magnetic NecklaceSolid Copper Adjustable Magnetic Ring
Solid Copper Adjustable Magnetic Ring

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