Why is Hematite used in magnet therapy?

Hematite, in technical terms, is iron in mineral oxide form. In its natural form, it is typically dark gray or reddish-brown in color, and once polished into jewelry form, it definitely has a nice shine to it. It is a rather common mineral, so it’s not overly pricey, but it’s still quite beautiful, especially when it’s used in conjunction with brighter gemstones, or even when simply paired with shiny metals. Hematite is found in great quantities in the United States, Canada, as well as Brazil and Venezuela. The name “Hematite” originates from the Greek word “ema”, which means “blood”. While Hematite looks dark gray, if it’s cut open, the small particles inside will be dark red in color.

Hematite is used in magnet therapy because it is a composite material that can carry a strong magnetic field. Hematite is magnetized by heating it in powdered form along with magnetite and copper. Once the heated powders are blended together and allowed to cool, then re-heated in an electromagnetic field, the resulting magnetized Hematite is still very pretty to look at – and carries a strong magnetic strength. And over time, that magnetic strength will remain consistent, while the Hematite itself will retain its luster and dark color.

Hematite rock Magnetic Hematite Necklace
Hematite: in natural form, and in jewelry form!

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