Attract healing potential with magnet jewelry

rare earth metal rock Magnets are naturally found in lodestones, which are special rocks that are rich in magnetite – magnetite being, as you probably guessed, extremely magnetic. It’s understandable that in early times magnets were thought to be mysterious and magical, while today we know a lot more about them. And one thing many people have begun to discover is that magnetic therapy is very real and can be therapeutic for some people.

For magnetic therapy, rare-earth magnets are most commonly used, since they are long-lasting and extremely resistant to becoming de-magnetized. They’re also very versatile, which is why you’ll find that if magnetic therapy interests you for one or more physical or emotional ailments, there are many options available:

Magnetic necklaces, bracelets, and rings: for women especially, these are an excellent choice for set-and-forget magnetic therapy. Simply wear a magnetic ring, bracelet, or necklace instead of or simply in addition to your regular jewelry, and enjoy the benefits that magnet therapy can provide.

Magnetic shoe inserts: great for general support and as well as foot-specific magnetic therapy, shoe inserts are a welcome addition, and are very comfortable to wear.

Magnetic pads: these standalone discs are thin and lightweight, and often surrounded by an adhesive material that makes it easy to apply them to specific areas, such as your lower back if you’re prone to backaches, or your temples if you’re prone to migraines.

Precaution for magnet therap


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