Can magnet therapy help anxiety and depression?

Anxiety and depression, even minor and brief bouts of them, can disrupt sleep and leisure activities, or even be quite debilitating. While the sources of anxiety and depression are not always known, even if they are known, treatment is not always clear-cut. Depending on your lifestyle and your doctor’s recommendations, you may find that a combination of therapy and dietary changes may be enough to help you recover. For others, medication may be a necessary addition to other courses of treatment. But for some, it’s possible that magnetic therapy may help alleviate some of the anxiety and depression that is felt.

magnet therapy for anxiety and depression An article published on Science Daily, Patients Tell How Magnetic Therapy Lifted Their Depression, gives insight to the depression three different patients were feeling, and how for them, the use of 3 to 5 weekly magnetic therapy treatment sessions, with each session lasting 35 to 40 minutes, helped them to begin to recover from their depression – without the use of medication.

Of course, medical-overseen magnetic therapy treatments are not yet the norm, and for busy individuals finding time for these types of treatment sessions may not be feasible – so why not consider some DIY magnet therapy? For women and even men, a simple and stylish white copper magnetic bracelet or a pair of magnetic shoe insoles might feel beneficial – and will certainly provide style or comfort for your feet. But please: talk to your doctor about any feelings of anxiety or depression you’re feeling, and always consult with him or her prior to starting or stopping any treatment.

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