Magnet therapy & arthritis

magnetic jewelry for arthritisMagnet therapy is a centuries-old practice that the Romans and even Egyptians practiced. How exactly magnet therapy was discovered isn’t something experts are entirely certain about, but one thing is for sure: magnet therapy may help with the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis for some people. Magnets may work by improving blood flow, thus increasing circulation. The fields from magnets as well as the heat they produce is what stimulates blood flow and better oxygenation for cells.

One of the great things about magnetic therapy is how non-invasive it is. Also, no prescriptions are required, and you can try this type of therapy on yourself at any time, no matter where you’re at. And since magnet jewelry in particular is hands-free, simply wear your favorite magnetic bracelet or necklace, or add adhesive magnets to specific areas of your body, and go on your way!

Precaution for magnet therap

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