Magnet Jewelry: Is it effective?

The great thing about magnet jewelry for some people is that you don’t have to wear a lot of it, or you may not have to wear it for a very long time, before you may begin to experience positive effects (besides looking pretty and stylish). While magnet therapy is considered by some to be an “invisible therapy”, it’s considered by others to be helpful for a variety of ailments as well as general aches, pains, and feelings of fatigue.

For specific conditions, such as arthritis, it’s often best(not always) to wear magnet jewelry that can target specific areas. For inflammation and pain in the fingers and hands, choose rings or bracelets. For back pain, a magnetic necklace or bracelet or even spot magnets (such as Magnet Jewelry Store’s Spot Magnets) may provide relief. An anklet may be best for the feet, knees and legs. But it is also true that sometimes a bracelet can affect other parts of the body. So keep an open mind and experiment to see what may be best for you.

Magnet therapy may be an excellent choice for improving your well being, all while looking stylish and at the forefront of the latest fashions and trends. Feel free to mix and match silver and copper colored magnetic jewelry with cool or warm tones for a fashionable look that is uniquely yours.

Precaution for magnets

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