3 Benefits of Magnet Jewelry

magnet therapy benefits Magnet jewelry isn’t just pretty – it’s can also be quite functional!  All around the world, and for a very long time, magnets have been used for various therapeutic purposes for both people and animals. The Romans and the Egyptians are believed to be the first to discover the healing properties of magnets. Here are just three reasons why you should add a piece or two of magnetic jewelry to your collection:

Improved Circulation
Blood flow to the fingers and toes may be increased by as much as 300% when there is exposure to a magnetic field, such as that provided by a bracelet or even rings. Better blood flow means better oxygenation, which helps with flexibility and may provide relief of inflammation or pain.

More Stamina
Feeling fatigued, or find that you’re tiring easily? Experts have found a correlation between magnetic fields and the improvement of fatigue and a feeling of being burned out. De-polarized and oxygen deprived cells die quicker, but with magnetism, they get a much-needed boost and may perform and live longer.

Magnetic therapy aids the body in self-healing, which may lead to feeling more energized, rested, and balanced.

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