Relieve motion sickness with magnetic jewelry

Motion sickness can cause significant nausea and dizziness, but some studies suggest that the simple addition of a magnetic piece of jewelry can be sufficient in combating motion sickness by stimulating certain pressure points. Treating certain physical maladies with the stimulation of pressure points is known as acupuncture, but why walk around with pins sticking out of you when you can wear a pretty piece of jewelry instead?

For the ladies, try the open All Stainless Steel Gold End Magnetic Bracelet:

All Stainless Steel Gold End Magnetic Bracelet

And for men as well as women who like a thicker style of bracelet, consider the Stainless Steel Magnetic Link Bracelet:

Stainless Steel Magnetic Link Bracelet

In addition to the wearing of one or more magnetic bracelets or wrist cuffs, try these natural remedies for nausea relief:

  • Lollipops
  • Saltine crackers
  • Ginger wafers or mints
  • Sipping cold water slowly

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