3 Way to Find the Right Size for Your Magnetic Bracelet

Waves Copper Magnetic Bracelet

When it comes to magnetic jewelry, especially bracelets, finding the correct size is crucial. Your magnetic bracelet should fit comfortably, because if it doesn’t it will probably sit on your dresser instead of on your wrist. There are a few size variations, depending on the type of bracelet you are shopping for. A link style stainless steel magnetic bracelet or hematite magnetic bracelet should be larger than your actual wrist size. Follow these 3 ways to find the right size for your next magnetic bracelet.

1. Measure Yourself – it’s important to measure yourself with a tape measure. Wrap the tape measure around your wrist, where the bracelet will lay, snug without adding extra. This will help in the process of finding the perfectly sized magnetic bracelet for you.

2. Look at Style of Bracelet- like we mentioned earlier. Particular bracelets fit differently, therefore there is a different sizing method. To see the difference between link magnetic bracelets, beaded magnetic bracelets and open ended cuff style magnetic bracelets visit here.

3. Look at Options – in the options menu of each product description we have listed the sizes based on actual wrist against skin without adding extra. This will help you see which size you should choose.

We hope this helps, remember to always contact us with questions!

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