5 Most Popular Christmas Gifts in 2013

All gifts have been opened and wrapping paper is in the garbage – Christmas 2013 as we know it, is over. We hope everyone had a joyous holiday with family and friends. With much hype, throughout the past holiday shopping season, about popular trending gifts such as electronics and gadgets we wondered what everyone received from Santa this year. So what was the most popular Christmas gifts of 2013?

1. Electronics: as always, electronics always top the list every Christmas. This is no surprise. Tablets, iPhones make the top of the list.

2. Gaming Consoles: there were 2 new releases this year for gaming console players, xbox 1 and Playstation 4.

3. Ugg Boots: Ugg boots have been the top searched fashion item during 2013. Also, no surprise here!

4. Jewelry: jewelry is also a popular contender at the top of many lists. Of course, we recommend our beautifully handmade magnetic jewelry 🙂

5. Toys: of course, children love receiving toys and let Santa know exactly what they want with a long list.

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